Core Values

What matters to us at TechnoHeight is not only what we do, but also how we do it. Our Values are more than a list of words; they are foundational to our success.

The TechoHeight Values

OPENNESS: Being straightforward, communicating with honesty, listening to each other, building trust with customers and suppliers.

COLLABORATION: Working together to deliver the best outcome for customers, respecting the capabilities of everyone involved.

MUTUAL DEPENDENCY: Respecting each other’s needs and being reliable and supportive. Looking out for each other and working with customers and suppliers to share risks and rewards.

PROFESSIONAL DELIVERY: Taking pride in our work, having the passion and enthusiasm to achieve our best and delivering customer satisfaction every time.

SUSTAINABLE PROFITABLE GROWTH: Achieving today’s objectives, taking opportunities in chosen markets and developing customer relationships to secure the long term future.

INNOVATION: Challenging what we do and being brave about suggesting change. Welcoming ideas and learning from others to give the competitive edge that benefits customers and suppliers.